Reasonable Suspicion

Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace causes many expensive problems for businesses and industries ranging from lost productivity to injuries and an increase in health insurance claims. Drug testing has proven to be an effective deterrent to drug abuse. With the help of ScreenSafe, Inc., your organization can implement a program that is minimally intrusive and highly effective. Together we can strive to make your workplace safer and more productive.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing
With Suspected Substance Abuse 


Focus on job performance ONLY

Remain consistent in applying your company’s policy

Support what you say with objective observations of behavior

Stay consistent in your use of job standards and job expectations

Act in a calm, objective manner

Keep any conversation or action taken with an employee as private as possible

Discuss an employee’s suspected problems only on a need to know basis


Ignore troubled employees and hope that the problem will go away

Try to diagnose the problem

Play Counselor


Be misled by an employee’s sympathy-evoking tactics

Cover up for an employee

Allow exceptions for one employee and deny exceptions to another

Publicly confront or take disciplinary action against an employee suspected of substance abuse

Lose your temper, get emotional, or use generalizations when confronting an employee

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