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Drug Free Work Place Policy Development

Establish protocols for administering all elements of the testing program, and identify opportunities to adjust or modify testing protocols.

Supervisory Training

Conduct administrative training sessions to review responsibilities and expectations for supervisors and managers regarding the drug testing program. 

Drug-Education and Drug Awareness Program

Train those persons who have been identified as the "designated representative" (DR) for the testing program regarding their role and responsibilities. 

Random Selection Programs

Employees entered into groups or "pools" and a computerized selection system randomly draws the names of individuals who are then required to report for drug testing. 

Certified Laboratory Testing 

ScreenSafe contracts with certified drug testing laboratories to conduct the type of test the employer has selected, and coordinates collection.  

Multiple Collection Sites

More than 6000 collection facilities available nationwide and many clinical collection facilities are conveniently located within one half hour of work location.  

Medical Review Officer Services    

MRO is a trained licensed physician, certified through the American Association of Medical Review Officers. 

Data Management and Reporting  

Implement and administer drug testing based upon client's policy and provide annual test result reports. 

Secure Test Results

 ScreenSafe maintains confidentiality while reporting to the EAP, company and employee. 

24 Hour Post Accident Testing

Testing after an accident that results in an injury requiring off-site medical treatment or that results in damages.

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