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The responsibility to create a safe, drug-free workplace is no small feat. At ScreenSafe, our team is here to lift that weight from your shoulders, providing you with a complete package of drug-free workplace solutions based exclusively on your unique needs.

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Your Gateway to a Safer Workplace

As a top-tier drug-testing consulting and third-party administrator, we work side-by-side with businesses across industries each and every day, to support the creation and maintenance of safe, drug-free workplaces. Our comprehensive services are backed by more than 20 years of extensive experience, as well as exceptional customer service.

Our specialists are prepared to fully manage each element of the administrative and operational tasks in your drug-free program, saving you time and money. We can also provide thorough education for your employees and training for your leadership team, so that everyone understands their role in creating a safe workplace.

More than 20 years of experience.
Exceptional customer service.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution. ScreenSafe provides all clients with customized services that foster a safe and drug-free work environment, contributing to your peace of mind.

When you partner with ScreenSafe, you know that your business and that your team is in experienced hands with professionals focused on safety.


How Does a Drug-Free Workplace Benefit My Business?

Our services help support healthy living and increased professional opportunities for your employees. Creating a safer workplace reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries and may diminish costs and other liabilities for your business.

Improved workplace safety

Trimmed operational costs

Increased profits

Reduced turnover

Lowered insurance costs

Lowered absenteeism

Improved productivity

Support for employees caught in a cycle of addiction

Encourages employees to lead healthier lives

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

While the benefits of a drug-free workplace are significant, the risks that come with infrequent or non-existent monitoring of employee drug & alcohol abuse are equally substantial. When drug and alcohol abuse exist at work, employers are faced with losses in productivity, absenteeism, job turnover, injuries, theft, and even fatalities. These critical issues can lead to higher health care costs, legal liabilities, and increases in workers’ compensation.


The economic cost of drug abuse in the United States in 2007, according to the last available estimate .


Employers can save an average of $8,500 for supporting each employee in recovery from substance use disorder .


Workers with substance use disorders miss up to five weeks of work annually.


Annual economic impact of substance misuse exceeds $442 Billion.


In 2021, an estimated 3% of survey respondents 18 years or older reported misusing opioids. An estimated 51% of these respondents  had full- or part-time jobs.

Per Person

The direct healthcare costs associated with substance abuse disorders total $118.5 B annually, mainly driven by hospital inpatient and outpatient spending (36%), followed by the costs of treatment programs (34%)

ScreenSafe: Your Gateway to a Safer Workplace

ScreenSafe actively works to provide resources, current information, comprehensive education for employees and training for supervisors. We provide support for all aspects of a drug-free workplace program, including consultation on policies and procedures, testing, education and training for our clients.


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