Update on Testing Methods and the Evolution of Marijuana Testing

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We receive calls frequently from clients and prospective clients about testing, the methods, how long the windows of detection are, and which technology is the best. There are many misunderstandings and myths. In this webinar, we will review the current testing methods and the benefits and limitations of each approach and dispel some of the co mmon misconceptions. Of particular interest right now is testing for marijuana. Our speakers, representing top-tier laboratories and innovators, will discuss the nuance of marijuana testing.

Webinar Recording. Click here!

Our guest panelists included:

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Suhash C. Harwani, Ph.D.,

Director of Science at

Quest Diagnostics

Dr. Harwani is a board-certified toxicologist responsible for developing and launching new products and services within Employer Solutions.

Mike Jeffries,

Vice President of

Business Development

Sales and Marketing professional with 30 years of experience in the employment drug and background screening industry supporting Human Resources, Security, Medical, and Fleet Safety professionals

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Mark Freemal

Vice President of Sales


Mark has Over 20 years of experience helping organizations make better decisions through advanced screening methods. This includes helping companies improve safety with hair and oral fluid testing.

Nina French


Nina has spent over 30 years in the employee screening industry, gaining extensive experience with drug testing statutes, regulations, and case law. Nina uses her experience to help companies design programs to balance business requirements with fairness for employees .


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